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Diesel Common Rail Injection Systems

Although diesel common rail injection systems were developed for the first time in the early '70s, the vehicle manufacturers started to fit them on their products in the late '90s.

Common rail diesel injection systems provide an improved level of fuel combustion, resulting in reduced emissions and lower fuel consumption, reduced engine noise, improving the engine's performances overall. In diesel common rail injection systems the fuel pressure is generated independently of the engine's rotation speed, thus ensuring a high level of pressure even at low engine rotation speed.

The pressure generated by the pump is stored in high-pressure rail (common rail) used to make fuel distribution to the injectors. Pressure control inside the system is achieved by the vehicle's ECU (Electronic Control Unit). Massive loss of pressure in the injection system is an indicator of its components' malfunction whether it be injectors, pump or pressure regulator. Such pressure loss could result in engine starting problems or engine proper running. Reconditioning common rail injectors and pumps requires special skils and knowledge, experience and specialized equipment. A poor reconditioning can lead to serious problems in engine's operation and is therefore indicated that the work is done responsibly.

To be able to professionally recondition common rail injectors and pumps, we have invested in equipment and constantly accumulate new knowledge through regular participation in multiple training courses.

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